Culinary Websites

Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking (vegan)
Bread without Butter (vegan)
Char's Kitchen (vegan)
Chez Cayenne (vegetarian)
Cupcakes and Kale (vegan)
Diet, Dessert and Dogs (sugar-free, gluten-free, allergy-friendly)
Easy Peasy Organic (organic)
Fat Free Vegan Kitchen (vegan)
For the Love of Food (vegetarian, raw)
Healthy. Happy. Life. (vegan)
Healthy Green Kitchen (vegetarian, gluten-free)
Hungry Vegan (vegan)
I Eat Trees (vegan)
JL GoesVegan (vegan, fitness, juicing)
Kirsten's Kitchen (vegan)
Natalie Eats (vegan)
Show me Vegan (vegan)
The Blender Girl (vegan, gluten-free) 
The Dusty Baker (vegetarian, gluten-free)
The Food Duo (vegan)
The Raw Palate (vegan, raw)
The Vegan Stoner (vegan)
Vegan Eats and Treats (vegan)
Vegan Thyme (vegan)
Vegangela (vegan)
XGFX (vegan, gluten-free)

Green Living Websites

50 Ways to Help the Planet (tips)
Carbon Footprint (consumption)
David Suzuki Foundation (environment, science, nature)
Eco Salon (culture, fashion)
Ethical Ocean (environment, products)
Evergreen Brick works (environment, nature)
Foy Update (eating local food)
Green Options (products, news, forums)
Greenpeace Canada (environment, politics)
Grist (climate, energy, food, technology)
Groovy Green Livin' (products, food)
Inhabitat (green living, environment)
Lets Go Green Canada (environment, green energy)
Mother Nature Network (health, lifestyle, technology, food)
One Green Planet (environment)
Planet Green (environment, health)
Reuseit (products, reusing)
The Daily Green (home, food, advice)
Web Ecoist (technology, homes, nature, travel)
The Story of Stuff (consumption, environment)
Water Footprint (consumption)
World Wildlife Fund (animals, environment)

DIY & Craft Websites

Better After (upcycling, reusing)
Craft-O-Matic (fashion, jewellery)
DIY Craft List (food, fashion, jewellery)
Green Wedding Shoes (wedding ideas)
How About Orange (upcycling, home)
Instructables (craft-sharing)
LidenSkapelse (home decor, fashion, jewellery)
Make & Do Girl (fashion, knitting)
Positively Splendid (food, kids, upcycling)
Refabulous (upcycling)
The Speckled Dog (upcycling)
YLY (upcycling)

Fashion & Jewellery

Eekonomy (eco-friendly recycled jewellery)

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