Monday, March 18, 2013

Seed-Starting Part 2: Seedlings Saturday

It may be cold outside but that isn't going my stop these new seedlings from springing up.  Just a few more weeks now (I hope) before the warm weather arrives and they will be ready for the outdoors!

Once these seeds begin to sprout, the next step is to give them light ... and a new home, that is, a bigger home to spread their roots.

Some supplies you will need to transfer your two inch sprouts include:

- small to medium size pots
- seedling and/or potting soil
- labels
- water
- fertilizer (optional, but most helpful in improving their health)

Since I started my seedlings using egg cartons and packaging shells, I had to make sure the roots would have to grow. They are not strong enough to break through the shells, so it's very important to carefully break the shells apart before placing the seedlings in a new container.

Top off with more soil ...

 ... And sit your newly potted seedlings in the light.  Constant light would be best, to achieve this you can use  artificial lighting. In my case, I wanted to save money (and energy), and fortunately I'm lucky enough to have about 12-14 hours of sunlight shining through my large kitchen window.



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