Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where I've Been, Where I am ...

My parents think I'm crazy, while others have said it is admirable and adventurous! For me, I think it was just inevitable to quit my job of 5.5 years and use the next couple of months to work on a farm. Yeah, maybe it's a little crazy, but it has been such an amazing experience so far and I have never felt happier!

I've been working at ManoRun Organic Farm for the last couple of weeks with a lovely couple, Chris and Denise.  It's been everything I imagined but so much more.  I've been doing everything from hand-milking their beautiful cow Trish to working in the fields, hoeing, harvesting, planting, working at markets and meeting some great people along the way.  Every day is different, often presenting new challenges.  I spend my days outdoors in the glorious fields, surrounded by nature.

I have never felt happier and healthier, and have been doing my best to enjoy the journey and not worry about what happens next.  That however, has been my greatest challenge - living in the moment, living in each day and enjoying what each day brings.  But isn't that a challenge for most people? Isn't that the reason why some people wake up one day and ask themselves, 'is this all there is?'

I simply decided to go one step further and say, 'no, there is waaaaay more to life than our 9-5 jobs, our overpriced lifestyles, fancy cars, and stress-filled lives. I want to experience life to it's fullest, to find and do what makes me happy and to enjoy every moment of it, now!'

Step one, quit your job, do something different and shake things up a little and hopefully, once the dust settles, things will become much clearer.

Milking Trish at ManoRun Farm.


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