Friday, September 28, 2012

Taste of the Week at ManoRun Farm: Green Beans

It's green bean season on ManoRun Organic farm, or so it feels like it these days! We have so many amazing green beans to harvest and not enough time to eat them or people to sell them too.  So what does one do?  Run a green bean eating contest? Perhaps, but I thought it was high time I learn the fine art of food preservation, starting with, green beans.  After all, preserving truly is the only way to eat locally and still enjoy your favourite foods throughout the Winter.

Now, I consulted a few people, checked some cook books and scoured the internet for tips, how-tos and instructions on freezing green beans.  I learned that before freezing green beans or any other vegetables alike, you must first blanch them.  Essentially I went online to find out how to do this and in the simplest steps possible, here is what I did:

Blanching Green Beans for Canning or Freezing

Step 1: Trim the ends of your green beans.

Step 2: Wash them well.

Step 3: In boiling water, boil for them about 3 minutes and no longer.

Step 4: Remove from boiling water after 3 minutes.

 Step 5: Immediately douse them in freezing cold water for about 3 minutes.

 Step 6: After 3 minutes remove from cold water.

 Step 7: Lay your beans out on a tea towel to dry for a few minutes. I think this part is optional but I did it.

 Step 8: Fill your labelled freezer bag and seal trying to release as much air as possible.

Enjoy ... for Winter!


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