Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Pinterest Project I Actually Did!

A Pinterest project that I saw, fell in love with and knew I wanted to do right away! Especially because I just took hundreds of fantastic photos on my trip this year, that I thought this would be a great way to show them off a little.  The project I saw originally on Pinterest came from Rust and Sunshine's page but you can find the how-to of this project at: A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Photo-to-Canvas Transfer

What you will need:

- a few 8 x 10 canvases (as many or little as you would like for your collage)
- laser printed photos on regular 8.5 x 11 printer paper (photo quality pictures won't do here)
- a paint brush
- a spray bottle filled with water
- Liquitex Matte Gel medium (is what I used but any gel medium would work)

The Steps:

1.  I used 8 x 10 canvas. 

2. Cover the canvas with a good thick layer of gel medium.

3. Lay photo face up on the table and carefully place your wet canvas on top.

4. Smooth out the paper over the canvas, careful to remove air bubbles or ripples.

5. Allow the canvas to dry at least 8-9 hours or over night is best.

6. Once dried completely, you might be able to actually peel the paper off the canvas.  Otherwise you will need the water bottle.

7. Spray the canvas a few times and start rubbing the paper off with your fingers.

8. Keep rubbing until most all of the paper if off, some might be difficult to remove without removing the image but having some rough spots are what give the overall image character.

9. Repeat steps for all the canvases you  are creating.

The Finished Product! A beautiful collage of your favourite portraits.  I think this idea would also be beautiful with family portraits ... next project!


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