Thursday, August 9, 2012

12 Cool DIY Projects I Wish I had Time to Do!

There is only so much time in a day, and sadly, these days most of our time gets used up working, maintaining a household and/or running errands ... oh yeah, and Facebook!  However, I definitely do take time out to do the things I love, dragon boat, boxing, scrap booking, cooking, writing, etc.

Sometimes I just wish I could find more time to do more stuff. Isn't that always the way?  Perhaps if I wasted less time on the Internet browsing websites like pinterest or stumbleUpon to find more creative things to do then I might actually find more time to do them.  Alas, I have an addiction, I love those websites and the ideas that flow out of pinterest are endless.

Today I wanted to share with you just a few of those ideas that I love and wish I found more time to do ...

12. Turn an old glove into a chipmunk or other small fury animal, from Bored Panda.

11. This cute plant or candle holder would be great for an outdoor deck or patio table, from Word of Decor.

10. A lovely gift idea from A Beautiful Mess, personalized his and her mugs.

From A Splendid Assemblage

9. I can't even remember how many over-sized, old t-shirts I have donated that I could have kept and made into cute gym tanks, time to raid my boyfriend's closet again!

8. It's not so much I would need for this project as it is space - I just love this idea! From Cuarto de recha.

7.  I have done step one of this project: purchase unsanded grout, which I only did because I got it for free from a friend. I am eager to try this project, I especially love the colour chalk boards (from A Beautiful Mess).

6.I would love to make this beautiful tower display for my next cupcake assignment (from Scene of Sublime).

5. One can always use more reusable bags.  I love the idea of reusing or upcycling old jeans and other scrap material here (from Snip Snap Happy)

4. A beautiful idea for a wedding from Snug as a Bug Baby.  I think it's also a great green alternative - reusing burlap material to make flowers instead of purchasing imported or rare flowers for one day.

3. I honestly may never get around to doing this project but I just think it's a beautiful idea and great way to reuse scrap craft paper (from Ellinée).

2. So, if I never get around to trying project number 9 then I would definitely want to try this instead: turning an old t-shirt into a throw pillow.  Because let's face it, you just might look better resting your head on a pillow then wearing that old souvenir t-shirt (from DIY Life).

1. My current wallet is brown, boring and about the size of a small purse.  It would be very nice to downsize, add some brilliant colour and make a pretty new wallet from recycled material (from Modest Maven).

For more craft ideas, check out these lists: DIY Projects or 31 DIY Projects


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