Thursday, July 26, 2012

It Can be Easy Drinking Greens

I made this very delicious, very refreshing and very healthy juice last night after an intense 2-hour training session.  It was a perfect mixture of fruit and veggies that didn't have that strong leafy-green taste overtone.  It was sweet, light and tasty, a good intro-to-green-juice-making drink if you ask me.  If you're new to juicing and not really keen on making green juices because they look weird, taste weird and maybe even smell weird, I think you will still enjoy this one.  It's a good recipe to start with if you're intimidated by kale too!

Easy Green Juice
1 -1/2 inch or so piece of ginger
2-3 large Kale leaves
3 celery stalks
1 large sweet apple (like fuji)
2 limes

Chop and prep all ingredients. Push all ingredients through a juicer, starting with the ginger then apples, lime and greens.  Serve in a tall glass over ice.  Enjoy!


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