Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fruit Pulp: Freeze it for Later!

So, your juicing, making smoothies, it's going great and you're lovin' every minute of it right!?  The juice tastes great, it's refreshing and healthy for you, but your compost bin is also getting it's fill of left-over juice pulp right about now.  What if you didn't have to waste the pulp? What if you could do something with it, use it somehow?

Well you can! There are lots of ways, including my favourite way - making ice pops!  These of course work best with fruit pulp only.  I made these by mixing left over strawberry and cantaloupe puree in my blender; fill each container,  and freeze overnight for best results.

It's an easy and healthy way to satisfy those sweet cravings and to stay cool during hot Summer days.

Other great ways to reuse juice pulp:

1. Add fruit pulp to muffin, cookie or pie recipes

2. Add vegetable pulp to savoury baked dishes like breads and muffins

3. Add vegetable pulp to make vegetable burger recipes and other vegan dishes, like salads

4. Add vegetable pulp to pasta sauce for those extra nutrients

5. Add fruit pulp to your morning yogurt or cereal bowl or fruit smoothie

6. Make dog or cat food using your vegetable scraps and/or pulp ... my pup loves the scraps as treats!

7. Add fruit pulp to protein or granola bar recipes

8. Don't trash it! If all else fails start a compost or vermapost and feed it your veggie and fruit scraps.


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