Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Eco-Spring Flowers

I found this lovely egg carton flower idea from via pinterest.  There was only one problem, I don't read or speak Chinese, which is really too bad because this site seems to have a lot of fun diy projects and craft ideas, I love it. Fortunately the site also has some great photos you can work from, so it was pretty easy to figure how to make these flowers.

I decided to create my own tutorial here and just adjusted the steps. I made the flowers differently however, and I think more simplified but mostly because I didn't have all the supplies they had in the photo.

1) Collect your egg cartons.  I tried using both flat egg cartons and store bought egg cartons and found that the flat ones worked much better, but you can use both.

 2) Cut out the egg cups.  Then cut the petals out of each cup.

3) Trim and round off the petals.  This stage was definitely the most time-consuming.  Be sure to have sharp scissors for this step to help make the job easier.

4)  Gather the other supplies you will need: old buttons, glue gun, white glue, paint and paint brushes, sparkles, ribbon (optional), and magnets (optional).  My mother has a large supply of old, mis-matched buttons I could chose from.  Try to find those old and un-wanted buttons to recycle before going out and buying new ones.

5) Paint your cut-out flowers.

6) Lay them out to dry.  Now you wait or, in my case, have Easter lunch with the family.

The final stage, the fun part, is gluing on the various buttons as your flower centers or gluing sparkles to the petals to add some texture.  I added my buttons using a hot glue-gun.

This yellow flower has sparkles on it which I added using white craft glue, then sprinkled it on and shook them off.  Only do this step once all the paint is dry.  Only add the button to the sparkly flowers once the sparkle glue is dry.  And there you go, pretty Spring flowers made from recycled egg cartons.

Egg carton flower fridge magnets

Spring flower napkin holders.  I glued a green ribbon to the flower to create a napkin holder.

You can really get creative with this project and once these flowers are made you can do a lot with them.  Add wire as stems to make a bouquet as decoration, or keep it simple and just spead them around on a party table, or get practical use out of them and make fridge magnets.
Happy Crafting!


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