Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Gonna Be a Screeaaaam!

I just spent a lovely evening doing one of the things I love most: Halloween planning! Well, not so much planning, as I was really preparing for the days ahead which include: 4 costumes, 2 shows and one house party! And it all starts this weekend with Les Coquettes.

I often get some very nice compliments from friends about my parties, especially about how creative and sometimes, outrageous they are. I usually say the same thing: I am easily inspired by what other people are doing or have done.  I usually find that inspiration by doing some research online, browsing websites or through books and magazines I am reading.

So this week, I am going to share some of the fantastic Halloween Ideas I have found online, starting with ... 

Halloween Decor

This website, The Yellow Cape, offers many great Halloween living decoration ideas but I particularly loved this spider lamp.

If I had a bunch of fancy jars I would totally do this for a party.  This one comes from All Hallows Design website.

These little guys come from none other then Martha Stewart herself, of course.  This, I am trying this year. Fangtastic! (I know, bad joke).

A very cool idea from Country Living and a DIY project ... if only had the resources and the time.  Could make for a fun kids project as well, something you can do together.

Again, with some time and money, and a super funky book shelf, I would do something like this for Fall and/or Halloween (from Country Living Magazine).

And finally, possibly the best ever seasonal wreath next to a Christmas wreath is this Halloween version.  Ultra spooky with a splash of sophistication. I love!

The DIY project to make this wreath can be found at The Art of Doing Stuff website.


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