Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moving Tip #3: Newspaper Works, then Recycle it

It's like Art! Photo Source
I find it surprising that people would actually purchase packaging when preparing their house or apartment move but then again, I've never really owned anything that I care so much about that if it broke I would be devastated.  I try not to get too attached to my material things and I often remind myself that certain things can be replaced.

So, when packing dishes or glass try to avoid or cut back on bubble wrap (especially since it is plastic) and try using newspaper instead. You can even try using old towels as packing material, especially to help separate dishes or glasses from each other.

Towels would be heavier then newspaper but they work well.  I used towels that I already had to pack anyway so there you go, kill two nerds with one stone.  The best part of newspaper, it's free (using fliers or local papers), it's everywhere and available and it is recyclable!


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