Friday, July 22, 2011

Moving Tip #2: Reuse as Many Boxes as Needed

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Sure it would be nice to have a bunch of perfectly shaped, perfectly clean, perfectly new moving boxes but what the heck for!?  I mean, our stuff isn't all the same size and we general clean as we unpack so I say, go to the curb, liquor store or anywhere else you can find used boxes to re-use.

The best thing about living in a building right now is there is never a shortage of boxes.  Nearly every other weekend there is someone moving or buying new stuff and tossing their over-sized boxes, it makes a person obsessed with boxes really, especially when moving.

I think Seinfeld put it best in his act:

When You're moving your whole world becomes boxes. That's all you think about is boxes. Boxes, where are there boxes? You just wander down the street going in and out of stores. Are there boxes here? Have you seen any boxes? I mean it's all you think about. You can't even talk to people because you can't concentrate. Shut up I'm looking for boxes. Just after a while you become like really into it you can smell them. You walk into a store. There's boxes here. Don't tell me you don't have boxes. Dammit, I can SMELL them. I'm like I'm obsessed. I love the smell of cardboard in the morning. You could be at a funeral. Everyone is mourning, crying around you, and your looking at the casket. That's a nice box Does anyone know where that guy got that box? When he's done with it do you think I could get that? it's got some nice handles on it. And that's what death is really. It's the last big move of your life. The hearse is like the van. The pale bearers are your close friends the only ones you could ask to help you with a big move like that and the casket is that great perfect box you've been waiting for your whole life. The only problem is, once you find it you're in it. 

-- Jerry Seinfeld


Ray said...

I've used that method for years and thought I was coming out on top, but recently I decided to try using reusable plastic (recyclable) boxes instead. I rented them, so I didn't have to worry about disposing of them when I was done (less waste), and the whole move was incredibly easy. No tippy stacks of boxes, no ripping corners, no tape - I had no idea it would make the move so much easier.

Sarah-Lyn said...

Ah, fantastic tip! thank you, I never actually thought of that, even better - no waste and reusing! :)

I will have to consider that for my next move - which hopefully is not for a while! lol


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