Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Urban Garden Update: Lettuce and Strawberry

We have colour! Our cute little strawberry finally turned red and his has a friend.

 And we have tomatoes! Very small yet but still very exciting for us.

Potato flowers, moments before we dug up the plants to look for potatoes.

Our wee little lettuce sprouts are growing up ...

And to think just weeks ago they looked like this: Week 3

 Our wildly growing mint plant; already had to cut it down once.

 Harvesting our VERY small, sad potatoes.  At least we gave it a shot!

 It wasn't a complete loss, we got one nice potato and one baby potato out of it.

Looking forward to moving the garden to their new beautiful home ... soon.


Veganosaurus said...

Totally loving your garden! I dream of having a thriving organic veggie garden of my own someday soon.

Karlene said...

So glad to have come across your blog! I'm in the process of going 'green' also. I've made all of my own cleaners and am begining to change our diet. Thanks for sharing all of your recipes - I look forward to trying them :-)

Sarah-Lyn said...

Thank you both!! :)

@veganosaurus - you totally can grown your garden, anywhere! That's what I discovered this Summer. Of course not everything works in containers but I was surprised at how much *does* work!

@Karlene - glad to hear you too are making positive changes, it's a great feeling :)


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