Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm in Love! ... with my Garden

Edible flowers - Pansies
 I absolutely am completely in love with my garden and here's why ...

 Lettuce is amazingly resilient 

 Cabbage is stunningly beautiful.

 My lettuce garden is almost too beautiful to eat but I imagine it will taste delicious nonetheless!

 I have more kale then I will know what to do with (not showing, about 5 more kale plants)

 You can grow potatoes pretty much anywhere, even in a bag on a balcony, it will grow...

 and it will be beautiful.
 Tomatoes grow wickedly tall!

My first strawberry.
And finally, my lovely herbs! Just hanging around.


Jeanette said...

Love all your gorgeous vegetable and herb plants! So nice to have your own garden - fresh pickings just out our door.

Sarah-Lyn said...

Thank you Jeanette!

Yes, and it especially gave me new appreciation for my food, wathcing it grow is not only a miracle but really teaches patience and has helped me how difficult it can be to get good food :)


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