Saturday, March 26, 2011

Green Tip 25: Lights Out for Earth Hour


Always turn off incandescent bulbs when you leave a room. Fluorescent bulbs are more affected by the number of times it is switched on and off, so turn them off when you leave a room for 15 minutes or more. You'll save energy on the bulb itself, but also on cooling costs, as lights contribute heat to a room.

Tonight is Earth hour, which means we'll be turning off the lights and more - computers, electronics, televisions ... here's a thought spend time cuddling with a loved one? Prepare dinner before the hour and then enjoy it by candlelight or (and my personal favourite) take a nap before going out tonight!

As fantastic as earth hour is at building awareness I have to wonder, does turning off our lights for an hour really enough, does it do that much to help conserve energy?  I would think a day like "no-red meat day" or "no-fuel hour" would make a lot more sense.

Maybe one day :)

For more information about EARTH HOUR tonight please visit their website.


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