Sunday, March 13, 2011

Green Tip 12: Cell Phone Cemetary


The average cell phone lasts around 18 months, which means 130 million phones will be retired each year. If they go into landfills, the phones and their batteries introduce toxic substances into our environment. There are plenty of reputable programs where you can recycle your phone, many which benefit noble causes.

Probably one of the worst things we can waste or trash these days are old cell phones.  There are so many options today that it seems ridiculous to even consider throwing them in the trash. It doesn't even make sense keep old ones lying around your house (yes, even that is wasteful) because while they are tucked away hidden in your drawers more and more raw materials are being drawn out of the earth to make new ones when we can just as easily reuse or recycle the old.

"Every year 150 million cell phones are thrown out in the U.S., along with over 300 million other electronic devices.  It's estimated that another 500 million unused cell phones sit around in people's drawers." - The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

Most companies will take back your old phones when you trade them in for new ones and recycle the parts.  Keep in mind this is the case with many old electronics these days too or if something you don't want still works consider donating it.

On that note, I think it's time for me to find all of the old electronics and unused cords I keep hidden in boxes around my place and recycle them.

Good night!


Blackberry for sale said...

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Sarah-Lyn said...

Thanks for the link! :)


sell mobile phone said...

Its very disgusting that these many mobile phones are being lied in our desk without any use. Just because, people are not aware of what to do with their old or damaged phones.

Instead of throwing it in your dust bin, why don't we send them to mobile phone recycling companies.

Its always a good thing to keep our environment clean by recycling mobile phones.

Jay said...

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