Thursday, January 27, 2011

When You Have to Improvise

I had to share this comic, not only because I love it and that it comes from one of my all-time favourite websites, My Modern Met but it's sometimes how I feel in a crowd of meat-eaters.

You know you're busy when you just manage to pull a meal together using only 5 main ingredients: quinoa, kale, Zucchini, onions, and dragon sauce.  I did a little, using what I had in the fridge and making more dragon sauce.  I had to especially get creative when I knew Mike would be joining me for dinner and he so tells me 'I want to eat healthy too, like I was with you when we first started dating.'

So I cooked up some Quinoa, sauteed some onions in olive oil, added the torn up kale pieces, chopped up zucchini and a dash of garlic powder and sea salt for taste.

Once cooked just enough (so that the kale starts to shrivel) I topped off the quinoa with it and added the dragon sauce.  Personally I loved it ... Mike seemed to and he said he liked it but I hinted a bit of hesitation in his voice.  Good man, he ate it all anyway.


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