Thursday, October 7, 2010

Broccoli and Chickpeas, Unite!


I made some fabulous gluten-free, vegan broccoli hummus (a recipe from my even more fabulous 500 Vegan Recipes cookbook) last weekend.  The not so fabulous part - right in the middle of my mixing ingredients together in my food processor the darn thing decides to stop working! So, imagine now having to process chickpeas, cashew butter, olive oil, steamed broccoli and spices all together in a magic bullet!
Do you know how freaking small those things are?...anyway, it still worked, kind of, either way I got most of it processed and then mashed up the rest with a potato masher.  It still had a few chunks in it but it worked and although it was definitely stiffer then most hummus recipes it tasted amazing!  I think the key ingredient I added was the cashew butter.
Since it had more of a spread-like texture then a dip-like texture Mike and I decided to eat it as an appetizer before dinner with my most favourite of all time gluten-free crackers - Mary's Gone Crackers, the original flavour but they are all great tasting.

This hummus also worked well as a topping for our veggie burgers the next night.  I tell ya, mashed up chickpeas are great any day of the week, I'd eat hummus as a meal!

Next week ... I'll share with you the Thanksgiving recipes I contributed to my family dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving, eh!


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