Friday, August 27, 2010

I ♥ Toronto's Kensington Market

One pedestrian Sunday I took my two good friends out for a walk in Kensington market.  I didn't take nearly enough photos of all the really, really cool stuff you can see and find there but I did stop in one shop that had some really funky kitchen stuff that I wanted to share with you!


First up, Gaby Green, the Cheese Grater.  She's so cute!  I love how there's a message bubble saying her name, almost like she would be talking to you.  'Hi, I'm Gabby, I'm Grate!'


This ice cube tray by Fred & Friends would be a perfect addition for any music themed party or summer jazz festival. I was almost tempted to go back and buy it, it just looks really cool.

More from Fred & Friends: Mix Stix!  I can totally see my brother and law rocking out with these in the kitchen! Other cool products I'd recommend checking out on their site, the Cakewich and Batterfinger.  Trust me, go look! LOL

Now these I love and would fill my whole kitchen with them if I could even though they are tools for kids but hey, aren't we all kids at heart? Besides having some very cool products, they also have a fun website.

More from the greens family: Josie Green Ice Cream Scoop, Joyce Green Citrus Reamer and Marshall Green Potato Masher.  To see more visit this website.

What I like about the greens products, their kitchen tools are made from recycled wood and plastic blend that can be recycled.

I once bought these Hug Salt and Pepper shakers for a friend so I definitely had to include them on the list of cute things.


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